Solutions Investigations employs a team of skilled professionals throughout Ontario, Canada. In compliance with the Private Security and Investigative Services Act, enforced by the Ministry of Public Safety and Corrections, all of our investigators are properly licenced with the Ministry.

For more information on becoming licenced to work as a Private Investigator visit the Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correction Services Application for a Security Guard or Private Investigator Licence.

At Solutions, we look for individuals with the right blend of aptitude, experience and intuition. There is nothing easy about a career as a Private Investigator. The circumstances of an investigation may require long hours at any time of the day or night. Investigators often work under harsh conditions, remaining anonymous and receiving little recognition for their hard work. Investigators are required to document their work in reports that are used in court and can withstand scrutiny.

Joining our team begins with the application process as outlined below:

  • Submit resume
  • Complete telephone interview
  • Complete Wonderlich Personnel Test
  • Complete Psychological Inventory
  • Complete In-person Interview
  • Participate in Field Work Evaluation

Successful investigator candidates may be offered a position, or invited to participate in our Apprenticeship Program in which they receive in-class and field training to introduce new employees to the methods and standards required of their position.

Apprenticeship Program

Institute-LOGOModule 1 – Objectives and Outcomes in Investigations
Module 2 – Documentation: Notebooks and Reports
Module 3 – Conducting Inquiries: Research and Resources
Module 4 – Interview Techniques
Module 5 – Statement Taking & Analysis
Module 6 – File Management & Cost Control
Module 7 – Surveillance Techniques
Module 8 – Evidence Collection, Preservation and Presentation
Module 9 – Undercover Placement and Human Asset Management
Module 10 – Injunction Investigations

The Apprenticeship Program has a typical duration of four to six months, depending on the size of the group. The Apprenticeship Program was developed by The Institute of Investigative Sciences for professional development that exceeds college programs and surpasses the Ministry of Public Safety requirements. This program really is the “How To” of professional investigations in Canada.

For more information regarding career opportunities contact us at: