Frequently Asked Questions

frequently-asked-questions-toronto-private-investigations-solutionsQ: Can anyone have a person investigated?

A: No. Before you can conduct an investigation you require Actionable Cause, which is defined as an issue that can be brought before a court or tribunal to render a decision; and in some cases protection of person, property or reputation, as well as investigations for the purposes of Due Diligence.

Determining what constitutes Actionable Cause can be tricky; we suggest discussing your situation with one of our investigators.

Q: How do I go about hiring an investigator?

A: It all starts with a phone call. We offer a free telephone consultation to discuss your situation and the suitability of an investigation to serve your needs. After discussing your needs we meet with you in person to complete the necessary paperwork and receive your instructions and retainer.

Sometimes an investigation isn’t the answer to your problem and we can point you in the right direction to get the results you need.

Q: How quickly can you get started?

A: We generally require 36 hours from the time we are retained to schedule and prepare for an investigation. For example: We meet on Monday and agree on a plan of action, by Wednesday an investigator can be on the case.

Q: Are you licensed?

A: Yes, the Agency and all of our Private Investigators are licensed by The Ministry of Public Safety and Corrections of Ontario in accordance with the Private Security and Investigative Services Act of 2005.

Q: If you catch the person being investigated, can I be there to confront them?

A: Upon request and with advanced notice, we can notify Law Enforcement to address any criminal activity. However, we will not “set-up” a confrontation that may make a situation worse. This isn’t reality TV and we aren’t Jerry Springer. When properly conducted, most investigations remain confidential unless required in court. That allows you to investigate again if required without tipping off the subject that they were ever the focus of an investigation.

Have a question? Let us know and we will get you the answer!