Personal Solutions

personal-solutions-toronto-private-investigations-solutionsIn times of crisis it is good to know there are professionals poised to help. Solutions Investigations are well versed in developing action plans that answer your needs. The sooner you act, the easier it is for our investigator(s) to find clues or collect facts from fresh sources. Let us provide you with:

  • Locating Witnesses/People
  • Small Claims Support
  • Family Law Support
    • Child Custody issues
    • Spousal Support Disputes
    • Asset Location
    • Fidelity Investigation
  • Criminal Legal Defense Support

Solutions Investigations begin by focusing on the barriers that stand in the way. By shedding light on the reality of your situation through monitoring the activities of those involved, we are able to pin-point problem areas and offer guidance to resolve those problems.

Get the truth on time, on budget, and court ready.